Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stunner of the day

Buffy's Mum????
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Not because of Jesse, but because of very own lower case g is in this pic! What an odd choice for a wikipedia, but I loves it.

Oh you
scenester you…

Just joking.



i LOVED him...That is until he bit the tail off my baby turtle I had at the same time…
then he had to go
Exhibit "A"

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i LOVE them
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Photo: Matt Rourke / AP

"Store manager Jay Jacoby displays a two-headed red slider turtle at Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton Pa

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Guilty Pleasure

8 pm tonight.

yeah, i know... but its the perfect show! full of vapid, wannabe, hot girls and crazy Tyra!

just sayin.


Good morning ya’ll. Wait I mean all. I feel too much like Britney saying ya’ll. It’s Wednesday and that means its Wednesday! I still have nothing terribly exciting to talk about. I did however get a parking ticket this morning. I walked to my car to not only have that nice little surprise, but also a little yellow note to go along nicely with my bright shiny yellow ticket, a gentle reminder note from a fellow neighbor of mine, which read…. “This is NOT a parking space”. I looked all over for clues to whom it might be so I can confront them later on today once I have had a whole days worth of stress to let loose on them, but I was unsuccessful.

Have a nice day friends and foes.

I leave you with this.

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Daisy Lowe


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GAVIN Rossedale’s love child.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sexiest man alive?

If I hear “Umbrella” one more time I may commit…

I sliced my finger on a plastic knife today while trying to eat a kiwi. It hurt, and bled a bit. I may not want to ever eat a kiwi again.

On a different note…

To dace dance:
Klanguage- from France. They conquer electropop, indie, and trip-hop with no stress. With influences from Air, Goldfrapp, Peaches, Add N to (X), Stereolab, and Portishead this band can’t go wrong.

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I’m telling you now they're going to blow-up so you better start paying attention to these kids. I’m sure they did already in Europe. Oh and It doesn’t hurt that the boys in the band are umm lets just say pleasant to look at.

Download-“Strike it”

To drink wine to:

Side project…..
Love her voice.

p.s. Since when did this blog turn into a music blog?


Monday, September 24, 2007

Let's Make Out

Does it Offend You, Yeah??

Let's Make Out (Extended feat. Seb from DFA1979)

... i'll give it a rest now.

Large and in charge

ugh. say what you will about the Gossips' frontwoman Beth Ditto, but man, she can belt it out.

The Gossip - Yr Mangled Heart (Linus Loves edit)

Monday Monday

its tough to be clever on a monday.... so, instead, random bits of music from my desktop...

the National - Fake Empire

and if you don't like that, here's some comic-art... Tara McPHerson does a lot of concert posters, album covers, etc...


Good morning. I have nothing really to say today other than I’m very tired, would like very much to go back to my bed, and these are my two favorite celebrity couples.

They are the least lame of them all.

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And…my favorite “getting a divorce couple” is….. Williamsburg beauties. So tragic.

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Friday, September 21, 2007


It’s my zanies Birthday!
Social obv. We'll get our drink on.

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Then we will saunter over to the Drake for Chromeo..again…they are here..again…No I kid they’re rad, and I'm going so...

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Soul on Wax

I loves me the LCD soundssystem AND Soulwax.. so anything they do together is right up my alley. maybe its right up yours too...

Go back to your “block”

Ok so I promised myself I wouldn’t post anything about obnoxious celebrities, but I just can’t help myself with this nonsense. Although, I’m with the brat about the candles. I'm a sucker for expensive candles.
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Jennifer Lopez is currently in London promoting her new album "Brave" and before arriving at the Dorchester Hotel she faxed over just a couple of things a girl might need while she's away from home. Here's her list:

2 Humidifiers
2 Fans
Room temp must always be at 80F
2 Extension cords and power adapters
Candles by Jo Malone in Lime or Grapefruit
3 Wardrobe racks with hangers
Steamer, iron, ironing board
White or red roses
Soft baked chocolate chip cookies
Sour cream and onion chips
Regular chips
Fruit platters
Veggie platters
Plain M&Ms
Sunflower seeds
Ritz crackers
Dentyne Ice
Spicy Brown Mustard
Penta or Smart water (room temp)
Caffeine Free Regular Coke
Diet Coke
Coors Lite (bottled only)


Jessica stam

Perfection. Or so I think.

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And Canadian you say? Of course darling…

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I saw her at a bar once, and she looks just as flawless. I’ll attest to it.

Not so much

That’s a really ugly hat, but I still love you.
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it's not gay...

Flight of the Conchords

Thursday, September 20, 2007

were not bff's any more

The Cure has decided to take it upon themselves and post pone their upcoming Toronto show from get this…September 27, 2007, to MAY 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry Robert, but I can be dead by May of next year. Get your shit together, or I’ll wipe that makeup right off your face, with a non gentle makeup remover at that!

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Signed pissed cure fan

thunder from down under

can we please go on tour in Australia too?

look at that lineup!!!

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Bat For Lashes

Rob has taken it upon himself to round the troops for the concert on Friday the 28th @
El Macambo. Good pick rob, good pick.

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Check em

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An allegiance to Gare’s Balls

Men may have personal stem-cell trove
Globe and Mail Update
September 19, 2007 at 1:15 PM EDT
It is an idea that may make many men cross their legs. But researchers in the United States say stem cells harvested from a man's testicles could one day be used to repair his damaged heart, kidneys or even his brain.
The scientists have found a way to easily identify stem cells in the testicles of adult mice, and to coax them to become brain cells, muscle cells, heart cells, blood cells and even blood vessels. The next step is to see if they can do the same thing in humans.
The procedure would involve removing a small piece of testicle – about the same amount used for a biopsy.
”We don't need a lot of material,” said Marco Seandel, the lead author of a paper to be published today in the journal Nature and a stem cell researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland.
Their work – and that of a German team that is also experimenting with stem cells extracted from testicles – is part of a growing international effort to look beyond the embryo for cells that can give rise to all human body parts and systems.
Embryonic stem cells hold enormous promise for new therapies for dozens of diseases because they have an endless capacity for self renewal and can give rise to all the different cells that make up the body – skin, muscle, nerve, brain, blood and roughly 250 other specialized cells. Scientists are hoping to harness their regenerative powers to repair damaged tissue or organs.
But harvesting stem cells from embryos is controversial because the embryos are destroyed in the process.
Adults have small numbers of stem cells too – in bone marrow, muscle, and other tissues and organs. But they do not seem to have the same superhero-like powers as embryonic cells. Stem cells in muscle, for example, give rise only to new muscle cells.
A number of teams, however, have been trying to coax adult stem cells back to an embryonic state.
In June, researchers in the United States and Japan announced that they had done just that by inserting four genes into skin cells from adult mice.
Dr. Seandel and his colleagues did not reprogram the testicular stem cells with new genes. They put them in a special growth medium, and they were returned to a state in which they could turn into many different cell types – not just sperm cells.
The team has been hunting for stem cells in testicles for more than decade. Dr. Seandel said it seemed like an obvious place to look, because the testes produce sperm, which give rise to an entire human being if they fertilize an egg.


...since this blog, so far, seems to be all about celeb-crushes, i will gladly play along and provide my current guilty pleasure:

Olivia Wilde.

so hot. i can prove it:


Killing them softly

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New Season of Dexter starting September 30, 2007!

Such a brilliant show that everyone must see. That is if psychotic lunatics are your bag, by all means, climb aboard.
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I’ve decided to put it right out there now, so there will be no secrets…just brutal honesty. I’m in love with Paul banks. True not my usual suspect, but I adore him. I wish he wasn’t famous so no one else would love him as I do. Moles, Medal and all., to the moon.
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where art thou?

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