Friday, September 26, 2008

We can't stay the same : (

AUTOKRATZ - Stay The Same
by MaisonKitsune

loud, repetitive, cartoony, & fake schematics. so me. i like.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Way old, but still brilliant.

"How do i know if he really loves me?"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

a couple of couples

(my favourite, robert plant, and audrey hamilton)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

no, your sex is on fire

november 7th, kool haus, aka the day i was born..happy birthday to me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Went to nyc for the long weekend. Last minute, as most of my New York trips have been in the past. We were lucky enough to get to stay at Janet’s new super cool east village apartment, while she shacked up with her bf for a few days. Thanks again.

What can I say really, it’s New York City. I have no complaints, except for the extreme heat. ugh, I really really hate it. We crammed a lot into the few days, but I feel satisfied with what we did. Except, and really there’s always something, I wanted to go to the MoMa, and we got there only to have the place close in 5 minutes. It was partially my fault because I completely lost track of time. So I’ve still yet to see the MoMa and what it has to offer. next time.

On a food note, I had the best corn of my life!!! No exaggerations, it was amazing. It was grilled, and it had this Mexican cheese on it, which as Janet says, tastes like the “smart food” popcorn cheese, and then chilli powder sprinkled on top, and lime. Fuck. I wish it wasn’t so far away from me now…. That’s where we saw Aggy Deyn, the “it” girl super model…now normally when I see anyone “famous” I don’t stop and stare, but honestly this girl could stop traffic. She’s extremely tall and skinny, and pretty much perfect. She was riding her bike with some dude that looks exactly like her, but the male version. Thank God Albert Hammond Jr. is tall.

Still on the topic of food, Sarah and I wanted to go to the silly “cool” restaurants, that New York we jumped in a cab over to Butter, and it was freaken closed. There was a sign on the door that I wanted to read, but two guys were heavily eating each other faces off, so I was distracted and didn’t end up reading it. So we ended up at a restaurant called the Spotted Pig, in the West Village. Another one of the “special” ones. Ha! Sarah ordered a Greek salad, which was 20 bucks, and when it came we thought he had the wrong table. I don’t care how much money people have that go there, this was a sorry excuse for a salad. Why can’t it be expensive and worth it?? It was a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, with maybe two olives also cut into pieces, and some large chunks of cucumber. Apparently they were “heirloom cucumbers”. I watch the food network religiously, so what the hells are heirloom cucumbers? It was hilarious though. Then I got a “Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestrings”. Can’t lie, the burger was damn good, but it was literally meat and cheese…no lettuce, tomato, ketchup or anything else you would want. Nah nah. Thank god the cheese was flavourful enough, otherwise I would just be eating a hunk of meat and lord knows that shit won’t fly with me…would I go back?? Yes! It was a really good burger, and they make good drinks. But yes, totally overrated, and anyone who argues that, is lying.

We went to some French dude’s penthouse one night, that had a view like no other. I mean I can’t believe that guy gets to look out to that everyday of his life. Not fair….and Sunday we went to Sway again, and that’s where we saw “big surprise”, MK. Janet loves her, but she does nothing for me. She just looks like every other small girl in the bar. Her boyfriend on the other hand….i noticed him.

So I’m home and I’ve been working which had made this week pass by in a flash..and I’m sick again, which honestly it doesn’t even phase me anymore. I went to my doctor, she took a ton of tests, and turns out I have really bad luck. So the lady with the MD says. Greatttt.

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i have a boyfriend

love em or hate em, i got them, and love em.
the jeans.