Friday, November 30, 2007

stephen dorff

Oh you just wait. I've got something good today.

kisses and promises

Thursday, November 29, 2007

its hard to soar with the eagles when you’ve been up with the owls

Words from gares 70 year old co-worker. Such a "one liner".
Now to go out tonight or not? As of now I'm tired, and I say hells no. But my mind changes more than frequently.
Ha, amazing. One of the lawyers in my office just asked me what the “stuff” is called in a cat’s bathroom box. I said well, it’s called a litter box, and the small gravel looking “stuff” is called kitty litter. He said thank you and walked away. What?!?!
he's totally getting a cat.
I love people, and the random questions they ask.
I leave you with nudity
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grrr... why always on a school night?!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I’m in such a great mood toady, and I’m not even joking around. There is no specific reason for this, but I think that a few things may have had something to do with it.

For one Sarah and I are in talks of Coachella trip #2 in April. I just don’t think I can say no to that.

Secondly Ashley just text me to inform me in advance that she will be home this weekend, and is going to “kidnap” me. I’m somewhat excited by this. I also enjoy when some tells me that they are going to kidnap me. I can’t wait to see her, she leaves me, comes back to me, it’s all so confusing. It also means that I’ll be living in the cit-tay this weekend, so that means I’ll be messing around town.

If I had a soundtrack to my life, no wait, a soundtrack for just today, the following songs would be playing:
The The- This is the day (probably one of most favorite “happy” songs)
Whitey- Wrap it up
Spoon- I turn my camera on and also Don’t you evah (awesome band by the by)
Wow this was cheesy. But so true.
A few of those songs I just named came on my radio today, and I was as excited as a kid with a brand new puppy. What can I say I’m ultra easy to please.

Speaking of puppies..Last night tasha and I decided to take a trip to the pet store. I clearly was not in the mental state of "sound" mind for that, and I should not have made such a bold decision to go, I mean all of my Buffy memories automatically flooded my mind. It certainly did not help that there was a new littler of bichon pups in the window right in front of my face. Ouch. I know I mentioned I was going to get a cat, but I need to be honest with myself. I’m a dog girl. I love cats, and all animals of course, but comon now. I’ve always wanted a chocolate lab. They're perfection to me. Just look…

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okok I'll stop.

Puppy names??

There was one at the pet store yesterday, and I instantly fell in love. Well I like to think we both did. We stared at each other a few minutes. Him behind that horrendous glass, and me being an ass in front of the glass. It’s meant to be, and that’s something I’m sure of.

My plan: Move on from this legal shit, move back into the city with a wicked roommate, start a new job at a bigger firm, and buy a new best friend. Yes money can buy you friends. I’m stoked about my plan, because it’s extremely realistic & that’s the best part.

I have been writing a lot about my day to day life lately. It’s kind of craziness, and I’m not at all being my normal private self, but for now it feels good. It’s basically like my extremely public diary…but I’m ok with it..for now.


Xtina Xnaked for Xmas

how did you know its exactly what i wanted?!?!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

things i know about myself today.. and just things really.

1) I say “sorry” when I don’t hear someone correctly, and I have been told that this is very very wrong. I still do it daily.
2) I woke up cranky this morning. Sun please.
3) My password to get into this blog makes me laugh.
4) There was a small fruit fly in my fruit cup today. This did not make me happy because it looked so good, but anyone who knows me, knows that little cup did not get eaten.
5) And..oh, hello
I like someone that does not like me back. They are totally bizzarro, so it may be a good thing, but still.
6) I stream indie 103.1 on my computer at work, and it rules. I fell in love with it when I was In LA the last time. You MUST listen to it.
7) My clothes don’t match. I just realized that I’m wearing two shades of forest green. Not so good.
8) I need a friend with a nice voice to change my voice mail. I’m tired of people making fun of me.
9) I’m pondering how I feel about bottled water, and pre-washed lettuce? Hum. And taxation on water. Oh you just wait government.
10) There is way too many people watching me write this list right now. I however wonder what they think I could be writing.
11) This man in front of me has tight pants on. He’s my dad’s age. Not so cool.
12) I love my dad.
13) My lunch breaks at work, without a car, result in lists like this exact one being made.

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Lady ( the poodle)
tasha and I soaking up some lovin

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dovercourt, Argyle Lofts, Zane’s Old house, 14 Division

Which one doesn’t belong?
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Honestly this isn’t a very humorous situation. I’ve lost a lot because of it. But for some reason today I just could not stop laughing.

All of the cops at the station just adored alex and I. I guess we were their entertainment for the afternoon. In total we were there for about an hour. The cop that did most of the talking to us (I mean flirting), was quite a character. Him and his other buddies were very busy boys, serving and protecting and stuff. More like offering alex and I sour balls, and talking about a “disgusting” girl one of them met over the weekend. The cop at the front desk asked why I just didn’t smile at him? (meaning the man who arrested me). I was going to kick him, and I instantly saw red.

A couple of times I actually forgot what I was waiting there for.

When it was my turn for my glamour shots, a man with an island (maybe bohemian) accent, asked me to follow him. He was very tall, and dark skinned, and was quite intimidating for a little shrimp like me. I instantly got that nauseous feeling I got the night of the incident. Luck for me, As soon as we got into the booking room, he instantly turned into a teddy bear. I had to sit in a chair and look at a camera for what felt like 20 minutes. Turn to the left, turn to the right. The camera’s flash never actually went off, so you never know when they are taking it. I could have been making a crazy lady face.who knows? When it was time to do my fingerprints we walked over to this large scanning machine. Boring I thought..we’ll I said out loud. I asked him what happened to good old ink? He said I could do it that way if I wanted, and as tempted as I was, I stuck with the laser. He copied every little finger, back, and sides, one by one. He asked me why I wasn’t wearing nail polish, and I told him I didn’t feel like it. He asked why I have a mark on one of my nails, and I told him because I got hair dye on it, and it stained. He asked me why I want to dye my hair for. I said because I was bored. He said ok. He was a very cute older man, who was very inquisitive.

Then came the questions. How tall are you, where do you work, who is your next of kin, any tattoos. Errrr this it where it got cute. I lied and said I had only one. I was apprehensive because the courts may see this and it may make me look like something other than the little angel that I’m. He had me explain it to him. I was like it’s a heart filled in with puzzle pieces. He asked me about 42 more questions about it. He said it was just in case something happened to me, “they” would be able to identify me. I instantly got sick, and thought of a CSI episode, with me as the star. He stared speaking Italian to me, and when I didn’t understand he got snippy and said that I should have listened to my dad when I was younger, so I would know what he is saying now. I called him a show off, and he smiled. He lead me out, I walked the wrong way to the holding cells, and he quickly whisked me off the other way and said I didn’t want to go down that way. I turned to him to say goodbye, and he said "ciao bella", and that was that. My Monday at the police station.

The end.
Tomorrow I meet with my lawyer, and I’m instantly pissed again just as I’m typing this. Fuck. Life. Fuck. I need a puppy or something.
(or I'll just watch this, and all will be good again)

No kisses

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks to gare and Rob again for everything. The night was awesome, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

I'm so tired right now that I don't even think I'm alive. This weekend was a killer.

Tomorrow is Mug shot, finger print day for me. I need my beauty sleep.
I'm sure I will have a fun story about my day tomorrow.

one kiss

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

logic will break your heart

In bed. Still.

Went to a party last night. Saw a whole bunch of my old friends that I used to hang out with religiously. I also met some really awesome new ones. I screamed at a guy in his face, and now were bff’s. He’s a doll. It also turns out that it’s a small word. Nuff said.

I now miss things I haven’t thought about in a while. I’ve distanced myself and been so out of touch. I’m so confused today, about nothing.

The night did not end there. It never does for some reason.

Went to a friend’s house after. I watched them play guitar hero for an hour. I just sat there drinking wine, and starring at a TV screen, occasionally yelling at them to play the song I wanted to hear. Went to bed at 6:00. Woke up at 11:00.

And now I lay here, listening to music barely conscious. I discovered this band "120 days" recently, so that’s all I’ve been listening to all morning. They're from Norway so I obviously feel connected, being half Norwegian and all. I for the life of me can’t remember where I first heard one of their songs. Trivial things like this bother me. They’re perfect for me right now.

I of course did something I wish I didn’t last night. Not quite “regret” material, but close. I hate when I drink. I’m invincible, and the truth is that’s a big lie. Don’t get the wrong idea, it would not be any kind of issue for most. I’m not most.

I have a few pictures. But I’ll post them much later.
Or for the one’s with heads on their shoulders, have a wicked day.


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Friday, November 23, 2007

All right, I leave work in 8 minutes, so I though I would kill some time.
This is me, Laura, and Lisa’s Birthday party weekend. Raring to go.
Three crazy Scorpios in one night. Total overload, I feel bad for all the attendees.

Have a supreme weekend peeps.

I leave you with this. Vintage shit.
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sigh... it was better then, no?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Russian Futurists at the Drake tonight!I’m going to scream.

Still I wear the red dress, Paint my toes and twirl

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I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I do like this photo.
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love this for no reason.

'cause i like UK street art and UK streets

ch-ch-check it out....

revolution + art = good times

"You bored me then and now you just bore me some more"

I started my morning today watching the Pete Wenz sex tape. It was very short, and somewhat boring but I just couldn’t help myself.

Ok stunner of the day today. I picked two. Cause I can do that.

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince
The Kills
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I’m not writing today, so this is it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Rain. Rain. Rain. Wet. Wet. Wet.
Ice? Ice? Ice? Snow? Snow? snow?

It’s the middle of the week, say’s my calendar. Ahhh! Bon Jovi just came on the radio. I hate the Jovi, so much. It makes me think of a high school dance, or cheesy people from Woodbridge blasting it in their cars, thinking they’re bad ass. I love Woodbridge.

AND: My dirty blond natural hair is growing in. I look like a little boy. That's the first thing i see when i look in the mirror. This no driving business is now affecting my appearance.


My cousin and I have been each other’s back bone lately, and have been with each other every night since i moved back to my parent's. Most of the time we want to murder each other, but last night was different. The music was on, and fancy footwork came on by chromeo. We all of a sudden decided that we are going to make a dance video to this, and our friend Daniel is going to tape us. See now the scary thing about this is that we do things like this when we are completely sober. stone cold sober. Bizzaro. I can’t wait.

On a kind of good note for me, my lawyer called me and we decided that since he lives right near me we’re going to meet for the first time at a Starbucks near our house. It's rad for me because I don't have to go all the way to Aurora, which is almost road trip material. Plus it's in a laid back atmosphere so i'll be more calm about the whole thing. Well that's one thing that went "right".

I’ve ALSO been thinking about it, and I’m going to move back into the city when everything blows over. I really miss it. By that time it will be almost spring. almost. I also don't think I’m going to move back in with lenny. I loved it there, but I feel as though i should give myself a fresh start. At everything really. I would still like a roommate though. so basically I'm looking for a mate. I figure by April I’ll be ready, and back on my feet

I leave you with this.

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It's a pretty hot photo. Or so I think.

Plagiarized 'Pol Post

'cause JDeLibs is blitzing the panty drawer, i'll try to offer SOMETHING... though it's a total re-post and i get no points for originaility or artistic impresison.

the 'pol.

the Erol edit is my fave, if only for 3-second silence in the middle, and it enhances the sound of Paul's voice, once it FINALLY comes in.

the end.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night I went for a walk in the rain. Well it wasn’t intentional. It started after I left the house. Walking is the only thing that can calm me down when I feel agitated. The rain felt amazing on my skin, and I felt much better when I got home. I decided to start rooting through old things in my storage boxes. I came across one specific box, that I was hesitant about opening….but did anyway. Of course. I found so many letters and pictures from people in the past. Cards, magazines, ticket stubs, things from sooo long ago. I found a birthday card sent to me from a “myspace” friend. I know right? His name is Ronnie, and he was probably one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever spoken to. We had totally different lives, (him: a pro just me) but enjoyed hearing about what was going with one another. We would tell each other everything, and we both felt completely comfortable doing so. We expected nothing from one another, and it was a great friendship. This whole process made me smile, and get extremely tired….

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Ronnie C.
(also my dad's name)

I decided to start the day off right this morning. I woke up early (early for me that is), take a hot shower, eat breakfast for once, and just take my time getting ready. It felt pretty good, I have to admit. By the time I got to work, I reached into my purse to grab my wallet for my routine morning coffee, and "lo and behold" my wallet is not there. Well, there went my perfect Tuesday. So far I have had little to no motivation. I just sit at my desk, listen to music, and click stupid internet sites, which make me feel crazy.

My computer is also pissing me off. Someone must have touched the settings, because now the font on my internet is gargantuan. I can’t even read my e-mail without scrolling back and forth to see all the writing. Ha. On a lighter note, today I’m dealing with a couple who are fighting like cats and dogs, over a haircut. The father cut their sons hair into a Mohawk. Obviously the mother was nun to pleased and now shit is hitting the fan. Normally I have to hear not very nice things, so understand that I find this kinda cute..It could be a lot worse. Plus I saw pictures of the little boy and he looks adorable, and is probably digging it. I laugh because my son is going to have crazy little haircuts like this…one day that is.

JessicaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

stunner of the day

for "L"
ok i said "L".
We’re the strong ones
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Arto saari.

I found my new other will do

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This determined squirrel had swum 300 yards (274m) - or about the length of six swimming pools - from the shore.
Passengers lowered a rope to the mammal and it climbed on board and hitched a lift back to shore.
Robert Benson, chairman of the Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group, said: "I've been involved with the conservation of red squirrels for 15 years and I know they can swim, but I have never seen it.
"This squirrel was swimming strongly and had its tail coiled on its back so it didn't look bedraggled or as if it was struggling.
"I've never seen anything like it before."
Once ashore the squirrel ran along a fence and disappeared, apparently none the worse for its dip.

uMM can you say rad?

Monday, November 19, 2007

excuse me is my rant taking too long? is it getting in the way of this lovely song?

Kinda digging them right now. Literally, I am listening to them on my i-pod right now.

“Fashionable Uninvited” is by far my most favourite at the moment
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

a lovely myspace message I received today

i will hold this close to my heart.

"Hello !!Hi,Am Micheal from Nigeria ......Am 20 years old light Black guy.....Am single had no kid..But i wish to have some .......I like singing playing with kids making fun,going to the beach....making new friends and many more..I am looking for someone who really want to meet me and someone who cares alot......I'm a guy who is honest, loving, caring, sincere, passionate, affectionate,loyal,responsibl e, descents, commited and devoted to a lady an also i'm looking for a lady with the same qualitiesI need a lady to make me happy and give me the best in love, a lady with a lot of senses of humour who knows how to treat a guy and make a guy the best man in the whole world well i want you to know that i will like to get to know u better and see if we can make things real.......Micheal"

You know I’m pondering giving young Michael a chance. What a sweet sweet dear. We have so much in common. I like to make fun too, and people who care a lot.

Something to think about for sure.


This band

gives me the shivers
"well fight your way out of this one"

The Veils

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The song “Vicious Traditions” makes the hair on my neck stand up. I heard it as I was watching the movie Mr. Brooks…It was playing during the closing credits.. You have no idea how much I love this song, and how much the guy in the middle looks like my old roomate.

Sunday bloody sunday

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Well actually I didn’t, but I definitely feel their excitement. It’s a good feeling.

It’s 12:44 p.m., and I’m still laying in bed. The sun is just pouring into my room, but I just can’t bring myself to get "up and at em"(or as I say up and adam).
What does that mean anyway?

I’ve also been meaning to blog all week, but also have not done so. Thank Goodness I have a wicked blog partner to keep the ball rollin while I’m MIA.

My weekend without a car turned out to be pretty eventful. I can actually manage without. I know it’s shocking! Well I certainly could not do it without my truly amazing friends, who thankfully feel bad for my ass. Thanks guys, I will forever be committed to driving your asses any distance when you shall need my assistance.

My good friend Janet moved to New York, about 4 months ago. I Was crushed when she left, but then remembered I can go visit when ever I wanted and I would have a place to stay, and a seasoned vet showing me the I quickly got over it.. kidding…anyways she unfortunately fell into a sticky spot and is now stranded back in T.O, and is not sure when she will return back..It’s a complicated story, but the moral is since we both hate our lives right now we thought we would get together and bask in each other’s misery. Isn’t that dramatic? I know, that’s what I’m going for. It’s more fun this way…moving on. She’s been house-sitting her friend’s place..which is more than rad by the by, and he just happened to have one of his parties sponsored by Yellow Tail wine. Um ya, so he had an obscene amount of wine everywhere. This more than made us happy. We cracked open a bottle each and went to town.

All of his electronics in the house were super complicated, and being assholes, so we could not figure out how to turn anything on. Music/TV. Drinking w/o music. death.

Two friends, two bottles of wine…her laptop playing our fav was perfect. And THEN HER COMPUTER DIED, and we were sitting in silence. That’s when we proceeded to the kitchen, downed some gross apply shit, jumped in a cab, and what feels like 2 minutes later were dancing with L and the gang at social. More drinks…the less I could see, or remember. A night of chilling, saying “were NOT going out tonight”, immediately turned into debauchery. But honestly I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I didn’t have a care in the world.

It’s Now Sunday, and things must be accomplished. I need to go outside and go for a walk.. I need, I need..

A CAR!!!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007


i know, right?

go to the 50 second-mark. solid gold.

actually, the whole thing is gold. how can you say that this isn't the best show ever?

Friday, November 9, 2007