Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009


John Lennon- [How do you Sleep] The only thing you done was yesterday And since you're gone you're just another day Ah, how do you sleep?Ah, how do you sleep at night
Radiohead- [Go To Sleep]As you sleep I'm gonna go to sleep Let this wash All over me
Home Video- [Sleep Sweet]Nothing bad will ever happen As long as I am here
Fiona Apple- [Sleep To Dream]I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream You got your head in the clouds and you're not at all what ya seem
My Bloody Valentine-[When You Sleep]When you sleep tomorrow And it wont be long Once in a while When you make me smile
Conjure One-[Sleep]My nervous system is shot alright I won't sleep unless you
Azure Ray- [Sleep]Fill these spaces up with days in my room you can go you can stay I can't sleep I can't speak to you I can't sleep Now these years locked on my drawer I'll open to see just to be sure
Dandy Warhols- [Sleep]Well I could sleep forever, but it's of her I dream. If I could sleep forever, I could forget about everything.
The Perishers- [Trouble Sleeping] I’m having trouble sleeping You’re jumping in my bed Twisting in my headLeave me

x. night/jess

Monday, January 19, 2009

hello. happy monday. (Crazy Watch Pt. 2)

This is what insanity looks like:

For more, and two VIDEOS (!!!), go HERE
Thanks, guy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hello. happy tuesday.

Imagine him coming out from under your bed at night…You know, grabbing your feet and shit.

*I actually would have loved if he came out from under my bed. hell yes i would’ve.

Now..not so much.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I spent mine working at "the drink", (Government), to make some extra cash for my upcoming trip. My friend Alex forced me, and I obliged, only because I "made" her come with me on our trip. I did manage to make money, but I also learned that I will never ever do something that out of character again. New Year's resolution number one. I almost fell on my face 12 times, because after a couple of hours, the floor was covered with God knows what, and it was an ice rink. I finally fell at the end of the night, but alex, and a nice Asian man was there to pick me up. I was so tried at that point I didn't feel a thing, or acknowledge the nice man helping me up, and asking if I was ok. He called me mame. Sweet soul. It's just a distance memory now, I've made sure of that. On top of all the potential falling, I had men grabbing my hand as I walked by, which is a major no no, but since I was technically working there, I couldn't even set them straight. Instead I just shot them a nasty look, and ripped my hand away. They were too drunk to notice anyway.

Since it's 2009, which actually means nothing, I was contemplating taking out my lip ring. Some days I love it, and some days I find it gets in the way of my face, and I feel, dare I say…. trashy. I'm leaning more towards removing it, but I know me. The second it's out, I'll have a great outfit or something and want it again. I pretty much have a permanent hole under my lip, which in reality wasn't worth it for the amount of time I've had it in, which sucks. It closes within 2 hours, so once the decision is made, there's no turning back.

Thoughts? Opinions?