Friday, December 28, 2007


I’ve reached a verdict.....I'll be heading to Montreal this back Tuesday.
Happy New Year.
I posted more cottage pic's below.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well i'd like to think i'm the mess you'd wear with pride

That used to be my myspace headline. I adored reading it, because it hit home a little. Or once did.
Band of Horses

I was introduced to them a while back from a very musically inclined friend of mine. I play their songs when I can’t seem to fall asleep….
(In this photo the lead singer looks exactly like my good friend ryan. ) wow

Give them a listen when you can. I promise there will be a song especially sung for you.

No ones going to love you
I go to the barn because I like the lyrics (My favourite)
The First Song (The singer’s voice sort of sounds like Perry Farrell’s, maybe even a early Neil Young in this one)
The Funeral
There is a ghost (played way too much on my LA radio station, but it will be new and amazing to you)
p.s no one's going to love you more than i do

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yo yo yo it’s Wednesday.

Christmas 2007 was pretty rockin.On the eve of the Christmas tradition, my mother, father and sister, for the first time in along time, just had a quite dinner at my house. It was sort of strange because I’m used to being with my dad’s rowdy Italian side of my family that night, but since everyone is getting older and making their own little pods, things inevitably have to change. After dins, I went over to alex’s place to watch a movie. It was horrible, and not funny at all, and I got a rash on both my forearms from her wool blanket. I have to admit, I really am a freak of nature. Something always happens, even when it’s just as innocent as me snuggling up to a good friend on a couch. Yeech. On Chistmas day the De Libero family trucked on over to my aunts house. That means that the four of us, entered one vehicle, and remained in that vehicle for over 45 minutes together. My father is no stupid man, he knows how to keep the peace. He blasted his new Motown Hits Cd he got, so all was kept kool, and the worst that happended was watching my mom dance in her seat, while listening to my sister try to sing. Yikes. I still would not have traded it for the world... And that was that. It really was quite a nice Christmas, but I can’t tell you how happy I’m to go back to normal people eating habits. I can’t even look at food the same as I used to. Right now, were not going to be friends.

I think I’m more than ready to move on from all this holiday stuff. I’m kinda pumped actually. I know it’s going to be a brand new year in a few days, but honestly just for myself I’m looking forward to a fresh start. I know that was deep, bear with me. I think I really just want one thing. This one thing is more than difficult to obtain. It’s a “one thing”.


I went to see Juno today with the lovely Elise. Let me just start by saying that it was one of the best movies I have seen to date. I thought it was brilliant, and stupendously witty. I laughed almost throughout the entire movie. It’s something I can unquestionably see twice just to catch all the goodness it was jam packed with. Nothing makes me more happy than dry humour. So with that being said you MUST go and see it. I leave you with this.

She’s an amazing actress and ….Canadian, which makes her even more special.
This is a little racy for her, but here’s the prettiest person for today.
Ellen page (juno)
A quote from the movie
Receptionist: Free condom? They're boysenberry.
Juno MacGuff: No, thanks. I'm off sex right now.
Punk Receptionist: My boyfriend wears them every time we have intercourse, it makes his junk smell like pie
K bye.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Put the lime in the coconut

I just got home from a ridiculously fun time at the cottage, I already had a nap to play catch up, and now what? It’s damn cold out, and I’m sitting in front of the television screen watching National Lampoon Christmas on mute. I’m just damn bored.
just cause
Sneaking in on Elise's relaxing time
Oh so shiny and clean
don't wake me
i can so pass for a dude

Friday, December 21, 2007

“Oh where’d my body go, Africa or Mexico?”

It’s 3:15 p.m. and I’m ready to pack up and go. My Christmas cheer has went out the window today; I mean a person only has so much. Today a client brought my boss one of those Christmas statutes that play music, and have magnetic little figurines that skate around on fake ice. He wound it up, what I’m sure was over 20 times, and left it on my desk, and walked out of the room. This bloody thing has no on/off switch so it’s been going and going for what feels like hours. I’ve contemplated throwing it against the wall, and just pretending that it fell off my desk onto the marble floor. It could definitely happen. He so did it on purpose.

I can’t wait to go home and pack up my things for the weekend. I have not seen my snowboard in almost 2 winters. There was no snow last year. No good snow anyway. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and a Merry Christmas.

Seriously friends, Merry Christmas to you and yours…
New Years ideas? No bars, clubs, or restaurants. So now what you got? It looks like since I can’t find the flight I need, or any flight, it looks like a hotel room and booze it is. Or if anyone is having a ridiculous house party.

I leave you with the usual. This ones kinda creepy, no? I love it.

Kisses me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stephane TV

A cinq heures cinquante-cinq
awake with open eyes
a drift upon the nightand
miles away from land
five fifty five
five fifty five
a cinq heures cinquante-cinq
ante meridiem
too late to end it now
too early to start again
five fifty five
five fifty five
soon the morning will arrive
can i begin another day
whilst this old day is still alive refusing to be put away
five fifty five
no sleep tonight
five fifty five
like a beast awaits its faith
laid here with time to kill
the very dead of night
where time and space stand still
five fifty five
five fifty five
a cinq heures cinquante-cinqnothing will ever change
on the altar of my thought
i sacrifice myself again and again and again

-Charlotte Gainsbourg

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a numerous amount of new bars/ new possible “hang outs”, have opened downtown. I was getting worried that I would never want to be social again. Thank Goodness my sidekick and I have some new ground to stomp on.

I won’t be around this weekend, so no posts till Monday. Ah, already Christmas! I can’t wait to just do nothing for a change in pace. Anyway I’m going up to the cottage with an old old friend of mine. She is not literally old, but we have known each other since we were weeee runts. She is one of the ones that have stuck around, and I can’t say that about too many people from my past! Anyway this weekend is going to be wicked, I am sooo excited to get the hell outta here. We will be filling our time with boarding, wine, the hot tub, and movies! That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. Ohh also I’ve discovered from one of my friends blogs that there is this Attack IN Black show at some bar in Collingwood Friday night, so I will definitely have to swing by to say Happy Birthday to this particular blogger!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pirate skulls and bones, Sticks and stones and weed and bombs

Now there’s some poetry for you.

M.I.A’s new song. Paper Planes.
Thoughts? I kinda dig the song, but I’m unsure of what her point is.
Look above for video.

Last night I had a dream, that someone broke into my car that was parked on my drive way, and threw all the contents of my purse on the ground. Obviously this would piss me off, but the worst part was that they stole all of my credit cards, and personal identification cards. Assholes. They did happen to leave my Starbucks cards that I just got as gifts, and the gift certificate I bought for my mum yesterday. Ha. I guess my dream thief had a heart. There is no moral to this story.

Ashley just came to visit me at work and brought me a present! Yey. Not about the present part, obviously, that she came to see me before she goes back to sunny Florida! Good friends are hard to some by I tell ya. Anyways I was beyond busy today. The lawyer I work with thinks that a few days off for Christmas is the end of the world, and that we are not returning back to work ever again. Freak.

JANET: Have you figured out where we’re eating tonight? I don’t feel like seeing anyone. Have you been to Czehoskis?

GARE: I’m sorry for being such a prude. The word *#@k scares me. I wish it didn’t but it does.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If symptoms persist, kill your doctor

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I’m enamoured with pictures of couples in love kissing.

I guess they don’t really have to be in love. I mean “love”, how vague. However I get more of an effect when I pretend they are.

So stunning. This couple will take the place of “stunner of the day/night”, which I never do anymore.

Be mindful of the fact that they must be of this nature, and not raunchy dirty people eating each others faces.

Come to think of it those are kind of fun too. But never will be post worthy. Oh no.


perfect nothing

Paul’s shindig turned out to be a great night. So many colourful strong drinks were drunk. For one important reason only…to keep us warm of course. The drive home took Laura and I almost an hour, while it would normally take 20 minutes. Snow was falling, and falling and falling. I woke up to a snowflake extravaganza.

I would have to say that Sunday was probably on one the most amazing boring days I have had in a long time. I woke up early which pissed me right off, but then I found myself back in my bed covered with soft cozy blankets and pillows. If I got out of bed it was for a brief moment, and I was back in. I was not sleeping though. Although I wish I would have forced myself a little. I did however play on the computer, while chatting on the phone with various other bored stiff friends, doing the same thing I was doing. I finished the night by popping in two movies I rented the night before. It was a perfect day, and perfect night.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
p.s This is normally where I would post my favourite “missed connection” of the day..BUT, they all suck. Get it together people. Talk about lacklustre. It’s been days since I’ve read a decent one.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Everything I’m not, may be everything I’am.

I really don’t have a vast amount of things to say about what's been going on, but I know a lot has, because I have been so busy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that nothing fun or embarrassing has happened to me in the last few days. how bizarre.

I recently had been hanging out frequently with an “old friend” of mine. I was reminded Thursday night, why they became an old friend in the first place. Vague? Sorry. I guess it’s true, people really don’t change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Ok Ok I really just wanted to say that line.

So with my new hair cut, I’ve discovered that it only takes me 4 minutes to blow dry, and about 3 minutes to style. How wicked, awesome, amazing is that for me. What’s also amazing is that I started, and finished my Christmas shopping today. If my mother was not so bloody specific, I would have been out of that god forsaken mall 3 hours earlier. Mall = murder. I also bought myself a present, which usually ends up happening. I got a sweet pair of wayfarer's. I put them on, walked over to the mirror, and was like “damn glasses you look pretty good on my face, if I can say so myself, do you want me to have you”. They said yes. Then of course the sales man man came to give me his two sense, and that was that. So they next thing to do is book a trip somewhere hot, so I can actually wear them.

Today I’m not happy or sad. I’m nothing really. Totally indescribable. Do you ever feel like that? Or maybe I feel so many things that I can’t even pin point just one.

I have to stop this rant, and get ready…..

Snow storm? Where art thou?

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Buy Now, For Sale

so... this is a repost from the Toof, one of the better music blogs...

The oringial song is nothing new, but still one of the best. Ttypically reserved for near-end or end of sets, it tends to blow roofs, blow toofs, and makes your ears hurt. exactly what i like.

Angello & Ingrosso might have peaked a few years back, but they're legends now.

do it.

and his label
BY: Gare. little g.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bulimia is the new black

or so Lily Allen thinks.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I have to admit, she does look dashing.
So my fellow nine to fivers and I, often exchange e-mails throughout the day. Nothing serious, just witty banter back in forth to pass the time. For example this mornings conversation with Laura, was about coming up new lines to tell people that we want to kill them without actually using the boring word “killing”. Or at least I thought we were doing that??

Anyway I clicked on a forward message between rob and Laur. This pretty much made my day. It started out about the best music videos of 2007, and ended in this.

"so i had this dream this morning that i was in the show your mama, and obvioulsy i was up against a black guy, then when i got there, they all thought the joke was on me and it became a rap off. they started playing wu-tang and 2pac and i totaly KILLED him and everybody was shocked! haha, it was a pretty amazing feeling to wake up too...even though, in the real world nobody would give two shits. still hilarious, you should have seen me in the middle of that crownded circle all up in his face like "a thousand punks can hold me down yo!" basically, im the illist there is people....dont step

Our friend Rob by day
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and by night..
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and in his dreams..
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Thanks to gare, and Lisa for providing me with perfecto pictures.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

let's work it out

I want to start off saying that I’m feeling pretty content right now. Sure I got a horrible dye job this past weekend, and my hair looks like someone threw cheap orange paint on my head, and then proceeded to stroke it threw with their fingers, BUT I did end up finally purchasing my very own copy of..Troop Beverly Hills. The guys at HMV were laughing when they saw how happy I was when the girl found it for me. I explained to them that it is one of my favourite movies, and that I had been looking for it everywhere. They though I was nuts, and carried on to tell me all the movies that bombed, because shelly long stared in them…cashier: ”Ummm money pit, tom hanks, he-llo”. Jessica: “Whatever the movie rules”.
(thanks mil for checking, but i ended up being downtown and just got it there)

I’m also in high spirits because I got myself a bad ass hair cut tonight. Totally last minute, which means I was late..really late. The appointment was for 6:00, and I got there for 6:45. Traffic Traffic and more traffic. I jumped out of the car on a red light, and had to run down Bloor street like a bat out of hell, while my friend went to park.
I felt so bad. I hate when I’m tardy, but my hair dresser” Hiro”, is super wicked, and told me it was ok, and I believed him. We talked about Christmas, and he asked if I had family that lived in Toronto, & if I would be spending the holidays with them (ha, um yes, and more than just the holidays. joy.). I said yes, and asked him what his plans were. He told me that all his family is back in Japan, and that he is going to visit them in February. I felt so terrible. I wanted to invite him to Christmas at my house, but didn’t because that would just be weird. I could not imagine not being around family during this retarded season. It must be soo lonely. I hope he has good friends that will keep my man company this year. Ah life.

Anyway I’m exhausted, and want to be asleep in the next 20 minutes so I must get my daily dose of “missed connections” (sooo addicted), and get to sleep.

I leave you with this….A possible candidate for my next tattoo. I love cupcakes, colours, and pink frosting. Cupcakes and colours. That is all. I Can’t think right now.
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This chick has herself some pink skin.
And just because it says my name. Sort of.
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we're meant to be.
One thing: Amazing tee's anyone?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Asia Argento
She’s harsh, but gorgeous. She actually reminds me of my friend Claudia in some of her shots.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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I’m listening to Christmas music right now, getting myself prepped for the holiday. It will be turned off by noon. 100%. I am also trying to find a cheap flight to Miami. Ashley is going back for New Years, and guess who’s thinking about joining? I hate New Years. Ugh.

Next question: Would you rather die from the heat or the cold. This is another mind boggling question, which I always seem to change my mind over. Obviously death is not funny in any way, but if you had to choose?

Monday, December 10, 2007

6 Bob Dylan’s. Yes please.

I know. I should have seen it by now, but have yet to. Maybe this week. I can fit in two this week, so who ever wants to see either, we can go togther..and you can pick me up, and we can have a bad ass time.
I'm not there
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Now before I go, ask yourself this. Would you rather fly or be invisible? I have been pondering this for 23 years, and I constantly change my mind.

A careless bird is complicated

Saturday was super crazy for me. Well, Laura and I. We spent the day making food to bring to Lisa’s Christmas fiesta, and then we had to bring it to her house before hand, then go home to get ready for the Stila makeup bar thing, then go back to Lisa's. I was Laura's plus one, because she promised me that we would be each others plus ones for life. (click the link to read laura's article)

So anyway the night would not be complete if something did not fuck up for me, so here you are. I made a cucumber, artichoke, asiago appetizer thingy, and put it on a platter, with toothpicks so the saran wrap would not touch. I did the same for these candy cane cupcakes I made. L and I were extremely careful to not drop or ruin our masterpieces. Or so we thought.
As we were driving to Lisa’s, already rushing because we were running late, I put the cupcakes on my lap, and the cucumber things in my hand. We were stopped at a light and I rested the plate on her dash board. The pretty little wench decided to floor it as soon as the light turned green , and all we heard was plop, and splat! I had my eyes closed for a good minute, and I when I opened them, Laura’s mouth was dropped open. I looked down and I had cheese all over me. Dripping from my arm, and plopped on my leg. My pretty h'dourves were a mud pie at this point, which also landed right on my cupcakes. Luckily the cakes did not get ruined, but I had shit all over me, and laura's car. We could not stop laughing though. When we got to lisa's, I made her open the door as I handed her the tray. We had a good laugh, and off we went for round two.
went back to L’s, had a shower to wash off the asiago smell on my body, and went to be girls at the beauty bar. We got our hair and makeup done, by Stila makeup artists, and drank magenta pink champagne. I of course got the douche bag makeup artist. She talked like a complete ditz, and every 3 seconds would check out herself in the mirror. I was going to murder her! But did not. Next…Lisa’a party .So much yummy food, and drinks, and people dancing like crazy people. Fun. Fun. Thanks pretty lady!

Anyway Today is the day of my first court date. I did not need to go since I have a lawyer, and it’s just to get the next date….but I decided to take the afternoon off from work to just go home, make a Cesar, and enjoy my day.. I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing, and it couldn’t feel better. I was actually just on Craigslist looking for random jobs that may interest me, and I clicked on the “missed connections” tab. I swear I think I’m going to make a tea, and just read this for the rest of the afternoon. Fascinating. People see a complete stranger somewhere, and then try to reach out to them. People are very hopefully, and I bet they also believe in fate. No comment, but you have to check some of them out. A few of my favs:
(Gare, or laura, can you write one for me?)

Anyway, I will read some more, then nap. So till I have the urge to post about my oh so exciting life again, namaste.
Jessica A.D.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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p.s name this movie quote
(gare this one's for you)
"I'm over here in my unit, isolated and alone, eating my terrible tasting food, and I have to look over at that. That looks like the most fun I've ever seen in my entire life, and it's B.S. - excuse my language. I'm just saying that I wash and dry; I'm like a single mother. Look, we all know home-ec is a joke - no offense - it's just that everyone takes this class to get an A, and it's bullshit - and I'm sorry. I'm not putting down your profession, but it's just the way I feel. I don't want to sit here, all by myself, cooking this shitty food - no offense - and I just think that I don't need to cook tiramisu. Am I going to be a chef? No. There's three weeks left of school, give me a fuckin' break! I'm sorry for cursing."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

FAME-ous Yelle

so, rather than getting "Je veux te voir" in your head for the next week, i'll pass along my fave ?Yelle song. Well, i love her producers Grand Marnier and Tepr (?)... but her voice is le hot.

And talking to Laura and listening to Yelle has made me thing of Fame... the show, not the lame musical

Tu es beau

FAME note: high-kick top left... Adidas shorts OVER heather-grey tights... just sayin. oh, there's a cellist too.


she just got nominated for a GRAMMY (!!!) for "best NEW artist"...

enda ikke overbevist or toujours pas convaincu or still not .....

Don’t look at me like that, I’m still not convinced.
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"Madonna called him a lover, and Warhol called him a friend"
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just cause it's rad
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