Friday, May 30, 2008

as incriminating as this may be for myself....

I stole this shit from Pete Wenz’ blog.
And please don’t wonder why I was on his blog in the first place. It’s just one of those things.
and i want one....
DNA11 makes this wall fixture where you send in your saliva and they send back this light configured in the pattern of your DNA.
this pictures says it all.
i'am off on a adventure this weekend.
have a good one k

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sure bud

I had so many funny things I wanted to blog about lately, but I’ve completely forgotten them all, so this is all I can produce today.

My greatest wants and desires
i can have endless fun. ENDLESS.
forget me not ring. yep
piggy aid
for the next plane ride

I wish I knew how to post pictures without using photobucket. I despise it, and you can't even enlarge any photos on this darn blog. helps mes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Even though Dr. Martens are sold at Hot Topic, the first chapter of their story isn't exactly fashionable. When German doctor Klaus Meartens damaged his foot skiing in the alps his good old's boots were no good. During his recovery he customized a pair of boots to cushion his injured foot and decided that he'd had goldmine. It took two years for the air cushioned boots to take off in 1947. Housewives over forty were his usual customers. Eventually mass sales led to the the first Dr. Martens shoe factory and then international marketing. Dr. Martens did not enter England (where most people know them from punk and skinhead subcultures) until 1960. The cherry red, 8 eyelet style was embraced by workman and police officers first. Later in the decade Skinheads began wearing them and in the punk explosion of the 7o's they're popularity amongst subversive youth grew. Dr. Martens joined the ranks of other forms of work wear (t-shirts and denim) to become fashionable. They've even been on the runway recently (Gareth Pugh, Chloe, Yohji Yamamoto)and come in a multitude of styles and colors.
my first pair of “Dr. Martens” were bought for me in grade 7 or 8, and were black with tan stitching…but unfortunately my mother bought the no name ones thinking I wouldn’t notice the difference. Oh mum, but I did, and so did my other friends with real mccoy Dr. Martens…My birthday came around, and low and behold I was now the proud owner of a genuine pair of Martens. Ahhh yes. That was my first.

either way cool or not, I need to get myself a pair of white ones this summer. Nothing will make me happier.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

do spiders have tongues?

I just finished watching P.S. I love You, and by the end, I had a pile of Kleenex stacked to the ceiling from all my gay tears, from my ridiculous r eyes. I have no idea what possessed me to rent that bloody flick, but I did, and it was the worst mistake of my life to date. If the movie was 2 hours, I cried for 52 minutes. Then I would laugh at myself and cry even harder, like the laugh cry, y’know? My friend Elise called to say she was going to bring me over a surprise, so I told her just to come in, that I was downstairs. She walked in and I could not stop, and she in return could not stop laughing…they just kept coming. Take my advice and don’t rent this. Who wants to watch a movie where the love of your life dies, and then sends you mail every week telling you to do something special for yourself? then the "widow" sleeps with another man, and the whole time I’m thinking “that slut bag”, but really she needed to move on right?? errr….anyway…

I needed a walk after, so I did just that…Shitty part is it’s been raining on and off all day today, and that brought out all the slimy creatures that this world has to offer, including snails…My fast paced walked turned out to be nothing of the sort. Passer-by’s were looking at me like I was nuts. I was dodging slinking snails the whole time. There were hundreds, and I could not step on them..have you ever heard that crunch before? Gross.

The Cure tomorrow! I have the worst seats, so taking pictures of Robert Smith is almost pointless. He will look miniscule, and I won’t get to share the goth hotness in all it’s entirety. Tomorrow I'm dressing like him in the vid above. At least my hair, and make-up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vandalism at its best

the blog site has a better quality vid. so rad.

Monday, May 12, 2008

we both go together if one falls down

(click my tape to hear)

Oh jason.....I love this song. The Schwartz gots talent.
Coconut Records- West Coast

the circles

Ok so finally I’m going to blab about the recent Kills concert I attended. Firstly it was held at my favourite venue which I feel like I’ve said before, The Opera House. It’s so old, and big, and gross, but I prefer nothing over it. Ashley and I got there late, which turns out was super early because the first band did not even go on yet. I wish I could tell you who they were but in all honesty I was not interested in the slightest…so I never found out. We used that extra time to scour about the club into a little dark room on the 4th floor/level. It was pitch dark and they had a vintage projector sitting all by itself by the window looking as scary as can be, so we bailed and flocked to the bar. Bad drink after bad drink, (which is my only qualm with the place), time ticked away and It was time to take out positions. I usually could care less about being in the front for most shows, but now being almost blind, it is mandatory, and in all honestly I would not see their show any other way.

We were I’d say second from the front, dripping with hot sweat, but kinda loving it…We had a group of drunk out of place guys beside us that Ashley was verbally abusing for a while. (with reason). We were entertained with the idea of them at first because it was fun to banter back in forth, but the novelty wore off quick, and Ashley and another chick got them kicked out. From that moment on all was good in the world. These guys were dicks; we were not. Trust. Anyways, the show was amazing. I was totally 100% into it. We were straight in front of Jamie Hince and the whole time I was thinking about him “in” kate moss. Just kidding, but it crossed my mind a few times. Jamie seems much more shall I say alive than his sidekick Alison. She was perfectly fucked right out of her mind. She kept doing these little circles on the stage over an over again, and was making me feel crazy myself. Not to mention her little pendant and chain“Sarah Michelle Gellar, in Cruel Intentions” moments, if you know what I mean, refuelling to keep her going I suspect. She is tall, and frail with undeniably, the most beautiful face and voice. She’s hard not to look at, so I did notice all the things I maybe shouldn’t have. She kept staring into the crowd with these eyes, that peer right through you, and she looked as though she was about to kill you someway.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a little band royally fucked on stage. Most bands are sipping Voss water and eating organic carrots or something….and as bad as it sounds, it is quite entertaining to see a band completely out of it once in a while. Their stage presence was unbeatable, and their chemistry is definitely one I would worry about if I was Miss Moss…. Overall I would definitely see them again.

I’m going for a walk. I just got over a 24 flu, and now I feel like I’m getting something else. I’m the permanently infectious one. Stay away. Being a germaphobe is not paying off.

Friday, May 9, 2008



"i'm the president of hittin that ass"

Note Leon's cameo in the Mayer video below

Thursday, May 8, 2008

That's how he does it...

admit it: its funny

a pretty piece of poem to start the day

You know what, I really don't know the meaning of productivity.
And most importantly, I don't want to be a person with productivity.
I just want to be whoever I enjoy being.
I dreamed of flowers fields yesterday.
A flower garden.
Flowers are in blossom.
I smell them and pretend to be them.
I don't want to work.
I just want to be flowers.
Flowers in the sun.
Flowers in the rain.
Flowers await to be photographed with.
Flowers to wither.
But what seems ironic is flowers ARE productive.
They blossom.
Now I no longer want to be flowers.
I found this somewhere, and thought to myself, how perfect is this for me, right now.

you so super

I would like these in all colours please. But the forest green ones first.
New Summer = new shades.
True story that they are very very similar to the trendy Wayfarers, but I have those, and i still like them, so it makes sense I want these too. Now where does a girl find these in T.O.??
Made in Italia especially for you.
(kills pic's tomorrow)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

U R A Fever


Monday, May 5, 2008

i will be the one to pull you through the mirror

I haven't really been to any good shows lately, so I can't brag or complain about anything. Oh wait yes i can, I saw the Teenagers the other night. The room was filled with hipsters that now bore me to death, (they are not even fun to make fun of anymore) so I hibernated in the corner and tried to enjoy the show. The lead singer basically just talks, and the sound wasn't so good either. His voice was ultimately drowned out by the instrumental stuff. Merh….I've got the Kills tomorrow, and I can't wait!!!!! Maybe kate moss will be there to support her soon to be hubby.
On a new music note, I've really really been enjoying driving around town listening to my new favorite band of the month. They are called The Black Keys, and their song Psychotic Girl has been on repeat since last week. Strange times, and Your Touch are also pretty good. Again, they've been around a while now, but I've just recently decided to love them. That's just they way I' am. It's blues/rock/different, so give them a try.
Toronto Show on August 3rd.

Friday, May 2, 2008


by 75_prod

love the song, scared of the video.

street thuggery at its finest.