Monday, March 31, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The happier I was the less people existed


ate 1 slice of apple
drank 2 cups of tea, finished neither one
listened to my sister talk about her wedding 34 times
answered 5 phone calls, 2 were extremely important
spoke to 1 complete stranger who was charged with assault
called 4 people, 2 in the morning, 2 at noon
did 2 loads of laundry
felt confused at least 5 times
said thank you 7 times
felt rage about 2 times
turned red because of that
cried 1ce for half a second
dreamed of Jamie Oliver 0 time
was stuck in traffic 1 time
wished I was in a different country 6 times
been told miss you 2 times
said miss you too 2 times because of that
felt like life wasn’t happening 2 times
added 1 link
loved no one
three two one

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sum more local talent


At first I was not having it, but now I’ll have more. Then I watched this really cheesy but awesome movie Charlie Bartlett and a few of their songs were on the soundtrack, so I was like whoa.
They’re playing the
boat in Kensington on April 5, 2007, and I think it’s definitely worth checking out.

My fav:s: Day ok and Made of Stone and New clouds hot clouds

Bye bye time to start my day

I’m ready to move away now. To the sea perhaps.

I was lying in bed last night and all of a sudden I wanted to get up and write this. I didn’t because 3 seconds later I was fast asleep. It was weird, but I wrote it now. It's down and exposed, and I’m fine with that.

if I had my way
I’d not get angry when you speak
I’d enjoy when we kissed
I’d want to break plans for you
I’d not force myself to let you touch me
I’d not be deceitful
I’d make you a part of my life again
I’d go away with you
I’d be tired of making up excuses
I’d not hurt you behind your back
I’d deal with the places you go
I’d still love you to death
I’d die for you
I’d make you read this blog

If I had my way I’d still love you to death.
If I had my way you’d know this blog exists and you’d read

Currently listening to: Bark Bark Bark by Haunts

i miss my blog

Some may say I’m showing signs of neglect, but the truth is my mind is elsewhere.

Looking forward to having something fantabloulas to share. i think i have a music post tomorrow, but i'm in the decision process right this moment.
In the mean time……..She’s an amazing illustrator, so I suggest you check her out. Oh how I wish i could draw. Wink wink.

p.s. sorry about posting the cat vid 46 times. I thought it wasn’t working, then a trillion of them appeared at once. Geeze claud you’re perceptive :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

someday you'll wake up with all the bullets in the world...but have no one left to shoot

Today I have no time for being sad. Instead I feel like music.
Ya dig?
In love with his voice right now
Baby Dayliner

My Favs: You push I’ll go ---and---at least.
It’s something different yaknow?

White Rabbits
My Fav: Kid on my Shoulders
Fifty foot spiders a rad lil band from Copenhagen

An honourable mention: Grand ole party (the chick singer has some kick ass vocals)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Yey gare I’m happy for you…and here goes the blog downer. I’m always at your service.

I feel like my world just crashed down today. Again. I’m getting really tired of feeling like this. My court situation has been pretty dormant up until today. My lawyer called to tell me that my retainer is up, and we either have to go to trial, or plead guilty. I feel disgusting in every way possible. Every time I try to forget this, it just creeps back to bite me in the ass.

I basically paid that jerk to do a whole lotta nothing, and now I’m told the same thing I was told at the very beginning. That’s the most frustrating part of this all. I wish I could talk to my dad. He’s the only one that would calm me down and make sense of all this for me. He won’t be home till Friday, and as of now it seems impossible for me to wait.

Why does everything crash down all at once? And why every time I feel "ok" again. When can I just be happy? It's times like these when I try to think of bigger problems that other people have that are grater and more important than mine, but it’s not helping very much. I must say though, all the little silly things in life, whether it’s about a guy, or not being able to afford the $2000.00 purse I want, seems like a joke in the end. It definitely humbles me even more. It’s just a shitty day that was not anticipated.

Also Tasha and I decided to go to the Humane Society today to look for a doggie for her. I knew it would break my heart, but went with her anyway. I was right, it broke my heart in a million little pieces. The dogs just looked at us with their sad eyes, and I knew what they were thinking. I asked some dude there if they were hiring, and he told me to bring in my resume. I’ am, tomorrow. Nothing in the world would make me happier than working there and seeing beautiful animal faces all day long. Much different then the whole legal gig, but that’s exactly what I wanted. I hope all goes well there.

Ok so ya. I hate being such a debbie downer but I had to get it out, otherwise I would explode.

Easter in the Apple

So, Lisa finally got me to cave and now we're going to NYC for Easter weekend! le super fun! i've never been, so please, Jess's friends, let me know where to go and what to do!!

And i apologize to those of you that may have gotten super excited thinking that JESS was coming to NYC.... although maybe she will? i dunno. sorry to disappoint

Thanks kids!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Staring at the Sun - TV on the Radio

Sunday: So last night wasn’t exactly a super duper “late” night, but the amount of wine that was consumed I imagine did not help. We (laura, and rob), woke up pretty early too, which consequently resulted in me having a completely useless day today. I just wanted to sleep. And I did. I passed out at around 2ish, and pretty much instantly had this fucked up, horrible nightmare. Or realmare. I was sleeping and I heard a female and male voice outside my bedroom door. It was a crack open (which it NEVER is), and they were talking about if it was really me or not sleeping in my bed. I heard their footsteps on my carpet, and no matter how hard I tried I could NOT open my eyes. It was like they were glued shut. Eventually I opened them, but I was frozen and could not move for a good ten minutes to get up and search around my house for this creepy couple bothering me in my sleep.

It was horrible, and in all the years this would be the worse nightmare I’ve ever experienced. Imagine trying to open your eyes but you can’t…Even worse the thought of someone standing over you and watching you as you sleep is just about the freakest shit I’ve ever though of….uggh. Tasha is coming over soon to sleep with me. I hates sleeping alone. Thought I could do it…but can’t.

Ps. Fun times at our din party friends. I’m scared to see the pictures, but all I know is that I haven’t laughed that much in a while.

Signed wimp wimp

Thursday, March 13, 2008

oh dear...and dog.

More pete
My stomach has been in knots for 2 weeks now. Is hurts all the time, but I’m almost used to it. Could be nerves, but I’m not one to read too much into things like this. I've just repeated myself haven't I. (not a question).
It could also be because I've been spending a lot of time with myself, and I’m beginning to notice things that I don’t like very much. But I'm not sad.
If this is ever a time for change in my life, the time is right now.

I wish I could sing or draw. That would help.

to fix the gash in your head.

Peter Sutherland is love.
Pictures cheer me up when I have anxiety greater than Tasha’s, Ashley’s and Pamela’s put together. Sorry dudes. Photos don’t talk back, or piss me off in any way, that’s why I love them.

It took me forever to choose my favourites, and forever to me is like over 15 minutes. Should I even have to choose? By the mass amount, I sorta didn’t.

it DOES sound better with you.

Thomas Bangalter & Alan Braxe = Stardust.

it came out 10 years ago! It's still the best "dance" (hate that name) song of all time.

from lame weddings to the biggest clubs in the world, everyone loves.

the other CC Music Factory...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

happy birthday my peetree

the prince is 29 today. he made it 29 years. who wouda thunk?


let's make out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my man my moon

I took these while on vacation. They may look like blobs of white light, but in reality it’s the moon reflecting off the ocean. If you look closely you can see the ripples in the water. I always think the camera will see and catch what I see, but sadly I’m always mistaken.

One day I’ll buy a fancy schmancy camera and get my shot I’ve always wanted. Till then…


Friday, March 7, 2008

She’s a black Tegan and Sarah.

Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
Directed by Nima Nourizadeh.

But the song is not why I posted this. This video is brilliant. Watch past the horse scene.
I guess the song is not too bad either.

wait i love it. love.

Pictures on Walls

No. 1 Champion Sound

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hang them all

Tapes ‘n Tapes new album comes out April 8th, and I was going to save this blog, but I feel like I’m going mad tonight so I just decided to post it now in my lunacy.

I adore this band, and I am excited to hear what they’ve got this time around. I did hear a rather lengthy clip of their amazing new single “Hang them all”. Sooo good. I’ll post their myspace page to hear it, but the page is pretty bare, and only has their one song so it’s not impressive so no judging.

Get the album, I will. We can listen to it together. We can play them at the same time. Fun. Fun.
The drummer never gets the glory

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

do you love me? do ya

Hummm, I’m feeling mixed emotions about this duo. I mean their album is almost two years old, so why haven’t I heard of them till recently? Umm, I have no idea why I even wrote that line, but I’m not going back, it’s my New Years resolution, or I guess more recently my lentolution. I guess I’m more for them than against. You know what I do like them, I really really DO and you might too, if you haven’t already decided of you’re nay or yey. (my besties will for sure like them)

I really enjoy:
No more long years
Yea Yeah (love this song right now)

P.s. Matt can be my bf anytime. Anytime. (Seriously google that shit)

Check check check em out

Monday, March 3, 2008

No no no no no

ME: So as you all know, I occasionally (once a week) read the “missed connections”, posted on Craigslist. For a while now they have been super lame-o, but I did happen to come across this one and it disturbed me greatly. Read and see why this might be ...

3am, waiting to cross traffic light & bday girl - m4w - 23
Date: 2008-03-03, 3:46AM EST

"after clubbing, walking back home. came at the intersection of Spadina & Front Street. A jeep with 4 ladies stop at the traffic lights. yelling and asking me for my food. One of them was a birthday girl, wish her a happy birthday. gave her a bite of my pita and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Wished them all a great night and safe ride home. Hope birthday girl, your head was feelin alright the next day u woke up"

ME: What what??? What?? Some stranger took a bite from your germ invested pita, and you let her?? Please don’t say I’m being a germaphobe here, that’s just geeeross. Even Laura wouldn’t allow that. But….

on the other side of things, it was much faster for the tired intoxicated girls to just bum food off the street, rather than getting out and going into a place. Pretty savvy of em.

To each their own I guess. If someone wanted to murder me they would be on the right track if they fed me someone’s bitten goods.

final NOTE: According to his grammar he was still boxed when he wrote this, which makes it even grander. Hence the 3:46 am, time tag on it.

Wicked lil band from a place very far away from us. You can totally make dinner and jam out to them. I can picture myself with my spatula microphone now (Cred: hfc)

Amy Meredith


the first
thing that
you want,
would be the
last thing you
ever need.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My new obsession


I’ve been dying to write a music blog, but there really was nothing to brag about, until right this second. This very Sunday morning it just hit me. Of course it should be about them. They excite me, and I positively think you should check them out. Their myspace is your best bet.

I hope you love them as I do, and if you don’t, we shouldn’t be friends.
I’m also pretty sure they have a hilarious sense of humour, so that’s always a bonus.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

nine am

So I’m back, jobless & lethargic. I’ve been sleeping like shit lately. It takes me forever to fall asleep, which is beyond frustrating, and I end up waking up before 9:00 am. You would think I would be pleased to be back in my own bed, but ultimately I found I miss hearing the sound of the ocean every morning much more. Fact.

Just because all my girly friends hate her. I present to you LL.